Mika Wiljanen, Gasum

“The energy market is changing faster and more drastically than ever before. At Gasum, we are in a unique position to help our customers in their transition towards a carbon-free future.”

Mika Wiljanen, CEO

Gasum – your partner in energy transition

Today our purpose, cleaner energy is more relevant than ever. Together with our partners, we can offer our customers a robust platform that ensures secure operations and supply of low-carbon and renewable energy for industry, maritime, and traffic segments.

At Gasum, we want to be your partner in the energy transition. We offer our customers energy solutions and services and guide them on their way to a carbon-free future through renewable energy solutions, including biogas and electricity, as well as emission and risk management related services. Natural gas, and its liquefied form LNG, continues to be a viable platform for energy transition.

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Towards a cleaner tomorrow 

Sustainability is a long-term strategy for us. We are committed to responsible business both in terms of what we do and how we do things. Our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact initiative supports this work.