Gasum is a forerunner in sustainable Nordic energy solutions and circular economy

Our renewed strategy provides the guidelines for our journey towards new business opportunities and a low-carbon future. We believe that the expansion of the gas market and new innovations are prerequisites for a cleaner tomorrow. Our mission is ”Cleaner energy” and our vision is ”Leading the Nordic gas ecosystem”.

  • We promote sustainability.

  • We sell competitive gas.

  • We develop a smart gas system.

  • We create a new Gasum.

”When my kids ask me about my work, I tell them that I help make products such as Kouvolan lakritsi licorice sweets, Fazer porridge and Paulig coffee using clean energy and Finnish work."





Juha Häkämies, Gasum Vice President for Strategy

Circular economy: biogas from organic waste

”Gasum is a pioneer in zero waste thinking where waste generated by companies is utilized locally as energy. At Gasum everyone takes pride in promoting this thinking model.”

In the circular economy raw materials are circulated in a closed loop. When licorice candy is made from local wheat, surplus from production process is taken to a biogas plant. Organic digestate created in biogas production can then be transported by biogas-fueled vehicles back to the same fields and used as a fertilizer.

Digitalization helps spare the environment

"We’re creating a low-carbon future for our customers and want to lead Nordic businesses and consumers to selecting an environmentally friendly and local alternative.”

Digitalization enables us to increase the efficiency of our own operations to an even more environmentally friendly level through actions such as optimizing logistics and facilitating data collection. This improves supply security and predictability and generates cost savings for our customers.

Innovations and 10-year vision

”Growth in the use of gas is a prerequisite for the achievement of ambitious emission targets.”

In ten years from now, the majority of the energy used will be renewable, and biogas will already play a significant role in Finland's energy production. A full switch to clean energy will have taken place in Baltic Sea shipping as well as in delivery and heavy-duty road transport. Major progress will also have been made in hydrogen-to-gas conversion. Gasum is already an active innovator in all these today. We stand out by investing in alternatives for the future.