Sustainability program steers our efforts

We have formulated Gasum’s Sustainability program to promote sustainability and guide our responsibility work. The program applies to the company in all operating countries. The program addresses the most material social, environmental, and economic aspects of Gasum’s responsibility: safety and security, climate, circular economy, access to cleaner energy, people, and responsible business.

We track our achievements, and regularly report on performance. The annual Sustainability report addresses our progress with our Sustainability program and towards the targets set.

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Materiality - Themes with greatest impact

The responsibility focus areas are based on our own and our stakeholder’s views of the significance of the impacts of our operations on the company and the society. Materiality analysis with stakeholder dialogue is conducted regularly to ensure that we focus on the most important sustainability topics. Internal review and update is done annually.

Sustainability management at Gasum

The Board of Directors has the ultimate oversight of Group-level sustainability, covering the environmental, social and governance matters. The Board of Directors approves the Code of Conduct of Gasum Group as well as annual sustainability reporting. The CEO oversees the implementation of sustainability within the Group. Gasum Management Team provides the strategic policies and management perspectives for sustainability, reviews and adopts the Sustainability program, KPIs and targets annually, and monitors their implementation and progress.

In Gasum’s business units and support functions, sustainability is implemented through everyday operations and leadership. Management Groups of the business units oversee implementation of sustainability. Annual planning, target-setting, and the integrated management system support successful implementation. The business units monitor progress and report monthly on their safety and environmental performance.

The Communications and Sustainability team prepares the Sustainability program KPIs and targets and develops and coordinates the Group-level sustainability work and communication, including Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) topics. Human Resources and Legal units are responsible for managing their respective focus areas.