Gasum’s certificates

We comply with internationally recognized standards’ requirements.

We aim at operational excellence. Certified management systems support our continuous improvement process and provide a common HSEQ system baseline.

Our integrated management system (IMS) covers quality, environment, energy and occupational health and safety management systems, which are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018, and ISO 45001:2018. In addition, we have implemented certified biomethane sustainability schemes as an integrated entity. The IMS is applied to the Gasum Group companies and operations as well as products and services sold by the Group.

The management systems consists of systematic approaches that translate decisions made by the senior management into practical operations. We have established the IMS to document, implement, maintain, and continuously improve our business with regard to the quality, safety, security, sustainability, energy and environmental objectives, and to ensure safety, occupational health and quality in our daily operations. The IMS helps us improve our customer focus, agile way of working, and achieve operational excellence.