Wind turbines, blue skies

Gasum is the one-stop-shop for reducing industries’ emissions and navigating the energy market

Companies’ challenges throughout different industries have changed. As emission reductions have climbed on top of the priority list, the ability to offer energy solutions covering the whole valuechain is an asset. Gasum’s strength as an energy company is its versatility. In addition to energy, it offers a wide range of energy market services to cater companies navigating the evolving market.

During the last few years the biggest challenge that industries have faced has changed. The most important question in developing their operations isn’t anymore just about cost-effectiveness but about reducing emissions and eventually becoming carbon-neutral and fossil free. The concrete way to these targets is through energy solutions that are sustainable and reliable also in the long run.

“The emission targets have stepped out of the PowerPoints into the real world and companies have to start taking actions towards them. For those actions they need to find the right solutions that suit their and their customers’ needs and that is where Gasum can help them,” says Vice President Tommy Mattila, Gasum Industry.

Gasum’s strength as an energy company is in it’s wide offering. In addition to offering services concerning conversion to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and biogas (LBG), the offering includes various different energy market services. This way Gasum’s experts can find just the right combination of different means to serve the customer in question – regardless of the customers industry.

Benefits from LNG and LBG together with renewable electricity

Are you pondering how to lower a company’s carbon emissions and start an impactful journey towards a carbon neutral and fossil free future? The first things to look at are the manufactured products and the company’s individual emission targets. Together with the company’s operational model this will determine for example:

  1. Where converting from propane or oil products to LNG and LBG is the best move,
  2. What part of the operations should be powered by renewable electricity produced by wind power.

“From our perspective, methane molecule as LNG and LBG and electricity complement each other. This way the customer’s energy supply doesn’t depend only on one product and they can lower their emissions even more efficiently and flexibly,” Mattila says.

As fuels LNG and LBG are interchangeable. This means that companies can take advantage from different mixtures of the two. Over time the company can, for example, increase the proportion of LBG in the mix switching gradually to 100% renewable fuel.

Guarantees of Origin and proven CO2 emission reductions

Nowadays the preconditions for production, and especially the sustainability of the process, don’t come just from the industry or a company itself. The end users also have their own emission targets to achieve.

In Norway construction companies commissioned by the Norwegian state have to be able to prove that their products and services are produced sustainably enough. Additionally, when using biogas as a fuel in their logistics or LNG in their factories producing various materials, they have to be able to count their emissions and prove their sustainability for their customers.

The emissions of Gasum’s fuel products are calculated. For example LBG is known to reduce fuel’s life-cycle emissions by up to 90% compared with fossil fuel use. The calculations are proven which means that also companies using the fuels can utilize them when referencing their emissions to their customers.

For the renewable electricity used, Gasum is also able to provide the appropriate Guarantees of Origin. The Guarantees of Origin allow companies to favour, for example, Nordic wind power or electricity granted the EKOenergy label.

Reducing carbon footprint through the whole value chain

Gasum’s offering to industry customers include:

  • planning individual energy solutions and supplying the energy
  • providing emission trading
  • electricity balance risk management and electricity price optimization
  • portfolio management and brokering services
  • monitoring the energy market for their customers.

This enables Gasum to provide services for its industry customers as a one-stop-shop.

“We are our customers partner throughout their entire value chain if needed and support them with every step of the way towards their emission targets. Our services are individually tailored because we want to get to know our customer and their operating field. Building a deep and long lasting partnership makes the job easier for both of us. I believe that this is extremely valuable especially when everything we know about energy is changing rapidly and continuously,” Mattila says.