Energy company Gasum’s Financial Review, Corporate Responsibility Report and Governance and Remuneration for 2019 published

The Gasum Group has published its Financial Review for the January 1 to December 31, 2019 financial year as well as its Corporate Responsibility Report and Governance and Remuneration.

In 2019, the Nordic energy company Gasum took steps of change towards a cleaner tomorrow. The company advanced its strategy in a purposeful manner and developed the Nordic gas market, enabling an even broader offering of low-emission energy solutions in response to growing demand among industrial as well as road and maritime transport customers.

The turn of the year saw the opening up of the Finnish pipeline gas market to competition, and the unbundling of Gasum’s transmission business was completed as a new transmission network company, Gasgrid Finland Oy, began operations on January 1, 2020.

The Financial Review comprises the CEO’s review, Board of Directors’ report, financial statements and audit report. The Corporate Responsibility Report covers the steps forward taken in social, environmental and economic responsibility. The Governance and Remuneration Report contains the corporate governance principles and a report on remuneration.

Download Our reports:

  • Financial Review 2019
  • Corporate Responsibility Report 2019
  • Governance and Remuneration 2019

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The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energymarket expert. Together with its partners, Gasum is building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea.