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Kai Laitinen

CFO, Gasum
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Gasum Green Funding Framework

Gasum Green Funding Framework is part of the company’s financing strategy and is used by the company to show the positive environmental and climate impacts of its business.

CICERO Shades of Green has evaluated and given Gasum’s Green Funding Framework the grade of dark green, which is allocated to the most climate friendly projects or business solutions that promote the long-term vision of the transition to a low-carbon society.

Gasum Green Funding framework

CICERO Second Opinion

Key data for 2018

Revenue €1,177 million
(2017: 925)

Operating profit €124 million
(2017: 114)

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Key figures and financial reports


Please read more about Gasum Group's key figures, financial reports, financial statement bulletins and reports (pdf).


Financial result Q3 2019
Financial result Q2 2019
Financial result Q1 2019


Grants from Gasum Gas Fund for 2020 open for applications in January

Research, technology and innovations play key roles in the journey towards a clean and sustainable Nordic gas ecosystem. A forerunner in the gas and energy sector, Gasum invests in the development of new technologies, concepts and energy systems. Gasum provides grants to researchers every year. The application period for the year’s grants starts at the beginning of January 2020.

The Gasum Gas Fund aims to respond to society’s transformational challenges by developing energy solutions based on gas and producing information supporting the development of the gas sector.

Thematic areas supported may be related to, for example:

  • gas-related circular economy and bioeconomy;
  • gas transport and logistics;
  • distributed energy solutions promoting gas use; or
  • gas-based energy storage technologies (such as power-to-gas).

The Gas Fund is one of the special funds run and administered by the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion (TES). 

Who are grants provided to?

Grants are provided to post-graduate students for doctoral dissertation work. In exceptional cases, funding may also be provided for high-quality Master’s theses. Grants are given out for research conducted in Finland, including possible periods of working abroad on the project. The Gasum Gas Fund aims to support full-time research, with the objective being to provide full daily allowances. In addition, the Gasum Gas Fund seeks to provide long-term funding to students. Therefore funding can also be applied for through the Fund in several consecutive years. This, however, requires proof of progress made in the work. Progress must be indicated in the application as well as in the reference letter provided by the advisor or supervisor of the work.

Applications addressed to the Gasum Gas Fund are considered by the Fund’s advisory committee. The committee is chaired by Lars Gädda, Dr. Tech., and the other members are Professor Jukka Rintala from Tampere University of Technology, Professor Esa Vakkilainen from LUT University, Marianna Jokila from Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion and Gasum CEO Johanna Lamminen, DSc. (Tech.).

In 2019, the Fund gave out 8 grants totaling €62,200. Grants have been provided since 2005. Take a look at last year’s grant recipients and their research topics > 

See also the TES website for information on how to apply for a grant >

For more information please contact:

Viljami Kinnunen, Development Engineer, Gasum
Phone: +358 50 33 10308,

The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energymarket expert. Together with its partners, Gasum is building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea.

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Gasum takes steps forward in its growth strategy by acquiring AGA’s Clean Energy business and Nauticor’s Marine Bunkering business from Linde AG

Energy company Gasum is acquiring AGA’s Clean Energy business and Nauticor’s Marine Bunkering business from Linde AG. The acquisition will enhance the development of the Nordic gas market and create a platform for Gasum to provide a broader offering to meet the increasing demand for low-emission energy solutions from customers in industry, maritime and road transport. The transaction will improve access to competitive natural gas and biogas, multiply the available LNG logistics capacity and expand Gasum’s Nordic gas filling station network.

Gasum is acquiring AGA’s Clean Energy business and Nauticor’s Marine Bunkering business from their current owner, Linde AG. Together, the businesses employs 35 employees and generates annual revenues of more than EUR 100 million. In the acquisition, several assets will be transferred to Gasum. These include an LNG liquefaction plant, two LNG terminals, two LNG bunkering vessels, and 48 gas filling stations in Sweden and Norway. The acquisition was signed on November 13, 2019. The transaction is subject to relevant approvals from competition authorities. The transaction is anticipated to be completed during 2020.

The acquisition will strengthen Gasum’s strategy by developing the Nordic gas market and creating a platform for a broader offering to its customers in the maritime, industry and road transport segments. In addition, the acquisition accelerates Gasum’s growth strategy for cleaner transport solutions in the Nordic heavy-duty vehicle market.

”The acquisition of AGA’s Clean Energy and Nauticor’s Marine Bunkering businesses is an integral part of our growth strategy. The acquisition enables Gasum to supply and to ensure the availability of a competitive, low-emission form of energy to meet the demands of industrial, maritime and road transport customers in the Nordic countries. We are very excited about this transaction which is important step for our com-pany when building the Nordic gas ecosystem and answering the increasing demand for low-emission energy solutions from customers,” says Gasum CEO Johanna Lamminen.

The acquisition is part of Gasum’s strategy execution and further strengthens the company’s capacity to offer gas solutions for various customer segments in multiple locations.

For more information please contact:

Johanna Lamminen, Chief Executive Officer, Gasum
Phone: +358 20 44 78 661 (Henna Walker, Executive Assistant)

Olga Väisänen, Vice President, Communications, Gasum
Phone: +358 40 55 40 578, firstname.surname(a)

The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energy market expert. We offer cleaner energy for combined heat and power production and industry as well as cleaner fuel solutions for maritime and road transport. We support our customers to decrease their own carbon footprint and that of their customers. Together with our partners, we are building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral future on land and at sea. Gasum promotes circular economy and is the leading supplier of biogas and processer of bio-degradable waste. We are the leading liquefied natural gas (LNG) player in the Nordic market.

The Gasum Group has around 350 employees in Finland, Norway and Sweden. The company’s revenue in 2018 totaled €1,177 million. Gasum is owned by the State of Finland. 

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Gasum Group Financial result Q3 2019 – Strong growth in demand for cleaner energy solutions

Key financial indicators January 1 to September 30, 2019

• Group revenue increased by 1.4% year on year and totaled, €838.8 million (January-September/2018: €827.4 million)

• Group operating profit totaled €86.3 million, down 7.2% year on year (€93.0 million)

• Balance sheet total increased through new investments to €1,553.7 million (December 31,2018: €1,526.6 million)

• The Group’s financial position remained strong in the reporting period, with the equity ratio being 44.6% (December 31, 2018: 43.7%).

CEO Johanna Lamminen comments on Q3 of 2019:

”Our financial performance was in line with our expectations during the reporting period. Our revenue totaled €838.8 million (€827.4 million) and our operating profit for the period under review was €86.3 million.

During Q3, we concluded a green loan agreement with SEB, Nordea and OP Corporate Bank and renewed our other loans in the same context. In our responsibility program, we have committed to act to curbing climate change and to promote the transition to a low-carbon society. We provide cleaner energy solutions to our customers and help them to reduce their own carbon footprint and that of their customers.

During the period under review, Gasum Portfolio Services concluded an agreement with Finland’s transmission system operator Fingrid whereby we continue to be responsible for the portfolio management and trading services of Fingrid’s loss power in the grid.

Growing the road fuel gas market is a key element in Gasum’s strategy. During the period under review, we opened three filling stations to meet the needs of heavy-duty transport and three filling stations for passenger vehicles on roads. Adding to the network of gas filling stations supports national emissions reduction targets by helping Nordic transport to switch over to using cleaner fuel solutions. The popularity of gas motoring is growing also in Finland as it is in many other countries in Europe. Gas is a cost-efficient fuel, which can replace traditional fuels and quickly achieve significant emissions reductions.

We have continued preparations for the opening up of the gas market and together with customers and stakeholders have been coordinating regulatory work relating to the Natural Gas Market Act since back in 2017.”

Read more Q3 2019 Financial result >

For further information please contact:
Johanna Lamminen, Chief Executive Officer, Gasum 
Phone. +358 20 44 78 661, (Henna Walker, Executive Assistant)

The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energymarket expert. Together with its partners, Gasum is building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea.

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Gasum Group published Financial Statements Bulletin 1.1.–31.12.2018

In 2018 we expanded our gas market in line with our strategy on land and at sea. Gas use increased and there's positive outlook for gas market in the Nordics. Our Group’s financial performance developed as expected.

"Gasum had a successful year in 2018 because of determined strategy implementation, operational efficiency and also improved safety. Our revenue increased up 27% year on year in 2018."

Johanna Lamminen, CEO, Gasum Group

Johanna Lamminen, CEO, Gasum

Year 2018

Operation profit: 10.5%

Equity ratio: 43.7%

Return on equity: 13.3%

Year 2017

Operation profit: 12.3%

Equity ratio: 41.6%

Return on equity: 13.7%