Number of gas-fueled vehicles almost doubled in Finland in 2019

The number of gas-fueled vehicles in Finland broke the 10,000 mark last year. This growth illustrates how well gas vehicles meet the vehicle needs of consumers and enterprises alike as an inexpensive and low-emission alternative. An increasing number of gas-fueled heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) were also taken into use during 2019.

The popularity of gas-fueled vehicles is continuing its growth in Finland. According to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, the number of gas-fueled car and van registrations during 2019 exceeded 4,000, which is almost twice the number seen in 2018. Of these, new registrations amounted to around 2,200. The most popular makes among the first registrations were Škoda (1,111), SEAT (595) and Volkswagen (332). There were more gas cars than fully electric cars registered last year.

”The first registrations of new cars in Finland dropped by 5.2% year on year, but at the same time the registrations of gas cars increased by 84%. This shows that a segment of consumers and enterprises has discovered gas-fueled vehicles. Awareness of this inexpensive and environmentally friendly vehicle alternative has also increased,” says Heidi Kuoppala, Business Manager, Traffic, Gasum. ”The Finnish Government has set the target of introducing 50,000 gas vehicles on Finland’s roads by 2030. At the moment we’re ahead of this ambitious target and, with the right steering instruments put in place, the target can be reached considerably ahead of schedule, which would mean significant cuts in transport emissions.”

Steps towards zero emissions were also taken in logistics: a larger number of gas-fueled traction units and other HDVs were registered in 2019 than in previous years. According to Scania statistics, almost 4% of the HDVs sold by the company were powered by gas. In addition, according to the Transport Barometer of Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL, 26% of transport enterprises are interested in choosing environmentally friendly natural gas and biogas.

”It’s only a few years ago that the only fuel option for heavy-duty transport was diesel. Now the transition to low-emission fuels is gaining momentum in heavy-duty transport, too, as the registrations of gas-fueled HDVs increased at a rapid rate last year. Gas is an environmentally friendly solution to the growing emission problems faced in transport – and it’s already available today. What’s more, gas helps cut fuel costs and the switch to gas can help communicate a positive message to customers and consumers and stand out among competitors,” adds Jani Arala, Senior Sales Manager, Traffic, Gasum.

Gasum continued to expand its gas filling station network in Finland and Sweden during 2019. The growing filling station network also serving heavy-duty transport enabled the introduction of more and more gas-powered traction units on the roads. Gasum will continue to respond to the growing demand for gas by expanding its filling station network even further. Last year also saw the expansion of the station network to entirely new regions in Oulu and Seinäjoki, Finland. Gasum currently has 34 stations in Finland and eight stations in Sweden for various vehicle categories.

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