DACHSER Finland’s logistics wheels are starting to roll on the circular economy

Logistics company DACHSER Finland is investing in low-emissions transports by procuring ten biogas fueled short-distance delivery trucks for its deliveries in the Helsinki Region. Choosing environmentally friendly and fully renewable biogas helps to reduce carbon emissions. A fleet of vehicles powered by compressed biogas (CBG) is, therefore, part of the company’s climate protection strategy to reduce carbon footprint from transportation in the short term, while simultaneously supporting businesses ordering logistics in their environmentally friendly approach.

”It’s particularly important for us to continue seeking, testing and adapting to environmentally friendlier transport solutions through various types of technological advances and scientific innovations. This is why we have also invested in the biogas vehicles – and we’re also proud of doing so. The investment is definitely a step in the right direction to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the short term. This gives us valuable experience to transform our operations going forward,” said Tuomas Leimio, Managing Director, DACHSER Finland European Logistics.

”Pioneering companies are taking concrete actions and at the same time setting a new baseline to reduce logistics emissions in the transport sector. DACHSER Finland is a brilliant example of a company that helps its customers to reduce emissions cost effectively by switching two thirds of its fleet in one go to biogas-fueled vehicles. Demand for sustainable supply chains is constantly growing in the Nordic countries,” says Markku Suopanki, Senior Sales Manager, Gasum.

Significant emissions reduction for transports in the Helsinki Region

In areas where DACHSER has deployed biogas-fueled trucks, the company has managed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 70% compared to 2019. This latest investment means lower greenhouse gas emissions in the Helsinki Region as biogas fueled short distance trucks can reach pick-up and delivery points with considerably smaller environmental impacts. The scale of the fleet in the Finnish context, which currently stands at ten delivery trucks, demonstrates DACHSER’s ambition and ability to move to a considerably larger implementation of biogas-fueled transportation technology. The new fleet also meets the Finnish Government’s 2030 climate ambitions.

Using low emissions biogas can help to reduce the fuel’s lifecycle (well to wheel) greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%. Gasum is continuously expanding its Nordic filling station network, which already today allows trucks to refuel with gas in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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