Gasum is taking part in the Humanising Energy series produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions

Humanising Energy series introduces the people and communities behind the transition towards renewable energy. The series includes 3-5 minute stories from 20 different companies or communities from around the world. Gasum’s story as a producer of renewable biogas will be featured in the film.

Gasum’s circular economy collaboration with the Finnish K-group will be presented in the series as one of the solutions for energy transition towards renewable energy and reducing emissions. The biowaste from K-group’s stores are delivered to Gasum’s biogas plants where it is processed into renewable biogas which can be used as road or maritime fuel or energy for industry.  K-group is one of the users of this biogas as it is utilized in transportation of K-group’s goods but also in the production of their private label ice cream by Froneri Finland.

The filming of the series took place during the summer of 2021. BBC StoryWorks filming crew visited Gasum’s biogas plant in Lohja, K-Supermarket Lasihytti in Espoo and Froneri Finland’s ice cream factory in Turenki.

The Humanising Energy series is produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions and presented by World Energy Council. The series was premiered on 5th of October 2021 during the World Energy Week.

Read more about the series from Humanising Energy website