Gasum’s newest gas filling station has opened in Trondheim, Norway

The Nordic gas filling station network expands as Gasum opens yet another filling station in Norway. Located in Trondheim municipality, the station has an ideal location in the middle of a logistic hub for heavy-duty traffic, that integrates Gasum’s gas filling station network in the Oslo region together with northern parts of Sweden such as Östersund and Umeå. The new station offers both liquified and compressed gas, responding to the growing demand of low emission fuel solutions in Norway.

The new station is now open and ready to serve both logistic companies operating in the region and long-haul traffic from Oslo through Trondheim all the way to Sweden. The station is located in Heggstadmoen logistic hub and is an integral part of Gasum’s expanding Nordic gas filling station network. In its current state, the network of stations already enables the market growth of gas in heavy-duty segment.

The new gas filling station is part of a cooperation between Gasum and Norwegian cooperative retail chain Coop. It will be used to supply also Coop with renewable biogas for its transport partners and help reduce emissions from heavy transports. The station is public and open for all logistic players.

“We are very excited to see our joint efforts with Coop be realized, and the station open and supplying the area’s logistic actors with biogas and natural gas. I am extremely happy to see considerable interest towards gas in Norway indicated by major logistic players. By expanding the Nordic gas filling station network, we can also provide new opportunities for local companies to substantially lower their emissions. This is Gasum’s northernmost gas station in Norway and, as such, will open new routes for companies driving on gas,” says John Melby, Director Traffic Norway at Gasum.

Norwegian transport companies feel gas is good for both climate goals and image

Supplying both compressed and liquefied gas, the station answers to the increasing interest towards gas among Norwegian transport companies. A recent study commissioned by Gasum reveals that up to 45% of the companies are interested in gas as a fuel option*. Norwegian transport companies consider gas a cost-effective way to reduce emissions and above all to convey a positive image of the company to both current and potential clients.

Transport companies also have a significant role in helping to reach national climate targets. Norway has set a goal of reducing emissions by at least 50% by 2030. If even a fifth of the heavy transport market switches from conventional fuels to biogas, a 70% reduction in total carbon emissions can be achieved. The use of biogas reduces greenhouse gas emissions during the fuel life cycle more than 90% compared to fossil fuel use. With cost efficient natural gas, emissions are more than 20% lower. In local scope, using gas will also improve air quality, since gas produces only a fraction of local emissions, such as nitrogen oxides and particulates, compared to conventional fuels.

The gas filling station is located at Østre Rosten 108, 7075 Tiller.

*The study was conducted by Value Clinic in January and February 2021 and it surveyed 101 decision-makers from Norwegian transport companies.

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