Gasum Gas Fund supports scientific research and development in the gas sector

Gasum supports research and development in the gas industry through the Gasum Gas Fund. In 2022, the Gasum Gas Fund distributed a total of 74,960 euros in grants to seven researchers.

Through the Gasum Gas Fund, Gasum supports full-time research related to gas-based energy solutions and creates new knowledge that supports the development of the gas sector. As a pioneer in the gas and energy sector, Gasum invests in the development of new technologies, concepts, and energy systems. Grants have been awarded from the fund to researchers whose topics are related to, for example, the circular and bio-economies, gas transport and logistics, distributed energy solutions that promote the use of gas, and gas-based energy storage technologies.

The fund gives out full-year and part-year grants enabling full-time research, and incentive grants for graduate students. Undergraduate scholarships may be awarded from any remaining funds from the grants for postgraduates.

The Gasum Gas Fund is one of the special funds operated by the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion (TES). TES is responsible for the management and administration of the fund, and the proposals for grants are made by the advisory board of the fund. The next call for applications will open at the beginning of 2023.

In 2022, Gasum Gas Fund awarded grants to seven people:

  • Rebecka Wicker: Developing novel photobioreactor systems and applying microalgae–bacteria consortia to valorize wastewater and carbon pollution to economically viable emissions neutral biofuels and bioenergy products, EUR 24,000
  • Marjaana Hassani: Small fields and wastelands as a source of energy, EUR 17,400
  • Anna Hämäläinen: Recovery of nutrients and their energy content from municipal and forest industry sewage sludge by thermal post-treatment, as part of the biogas process, EUR 14,560
  • Danielle Bansfield: Exploiting the unexploited: improved recycling of nutrients in reject water from biogas production into value-added products, EUR 5,000
  • Niloufar Sadat Ghavami Masouleh: Advances in Process integration Studies for Novel Biorefinery Concepts and Biofuel production, EUR 5,000
  • Matthias Re: The research consists of the implementation of a carbon neutral hydrogen and district heating plant (100% renewable) using waste energy recovery, wind and solar auxiliary electrical power system, EUR 5,000
  • Harri Manu: Improving the pretreatment of biowaste at a biogas plant – technical–economic preliminary analysis, EUR 4,000

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