Largest order for biogas trucks in Sweden – Gasum enters into fuel agreement with Sandahls Logistik

The energy company Gasum is expanding its cooperation with haulage and logistics company Sandahls Logistik. Sandahls Logistik aims to phase out fossil-fueled transport in its operations by 2025 and has chosen to invest in biogas-powered vehicles for road transport. To this end, Gasum has concluded a new biogas fuel agreement worth several hundred million Swedish crowns with Sandahls Logistik and will now build two new public stations next to the logistics company’s terminals. At the same time, Sandahls Logistik will invest in 120 new biogas-powered trucks from Volvo Trucks, which started to deliver them in March this year. The cooperation agreement is one of the biggest in the Nordic biogas sector to date.

Sandahls Logistik is a transport partner of Volvo Trucks and transports Volvo truck cabins from the production plant in Umeå to assembly in Gothenburg. Volvo Trucks has a coherent environmental approach for its transport between the two cities and so has chosen to partner with Sandahls Logistik with its clear environmental focus. Gasum will deliver biogas under a comprehensive multi-year fuel agreement and long-term work to help the logistics company to completely phase out fossil fuels by 2025.   


Volvo Trucks uses both truck and train transport to move truck cabins, among other things, from Umeå to Gothenburg. With Sandahls Logistik’s environmental ambition of fossil-free transport in 2025, the company is investing heavily in 120 trucks from Volvo Trucks, which will be purchased from Finnvedens Lastvagnar.


“The new biogas trucks and a wider network of gas filling stations in tandem with our green railway routes allows us to provide truly fossil-free transport from door to door,” says Mikael Ingesson, Managing Director of Sandahls Logistik.  


Volvo Trucks is both a customer of truck cabin transport and the manufacturer of the new gas trucks for Sandahls Logistik.  


”We are very proud and pleased that Sandahls Logistik has chosen to place such a large order for our trucks that run on liquefied gas. It means a lot, not just to us at Volvo Trucks, but also because it will significantly reduce road transport emissions, which is positive news for everyone. Sandahls Logistik is really showing the way right now towards a more sustainable future,” says Stefan Strand, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Sweden.  


Cooperation crucial for a flexible station network


Today, the energy company Gasum has 19 liquefied gas filling stations across Sweden and a gas filling station network of more than 40 stations in the Nordics. The new fuel agreement with Sandahls Logistik will result in two more stations in conjunction with Sandahls Logistik’s terminals in Luleå and Vårgårda for liquefied biogas.


“When cooperation between two determined partners results in as many environmental advantages as this, I cannot help but feel proud of the excellent work that my organization has done to promote attitudes reducing emissions in road transport. The fact that Sandahls Logistik decided to enter into a long-term agreement with us is further testimony to trust in our service and our ability to supply circular economy biogas,” says Sharareh Edström, Director, Traffic Sweden, Gasum.    


“We work throughout the value chain, from biogas production at our biogas plants to end-users who can fill up with circular economy biogas at one of our filling stations. Gasum is working actively both to raise the production capacity of biogas and to expand the filling station network in the Nordics. More and more people are choosing alternative fuels in Sweden and the environment is the winner,” says John Wihlborg, Senior Sales Manager, Traffic Sweden, Gasum. 



Continued development of the gas and biogas market in Sweden and the Nordics

At the end of 2021, there were more than 375 LNG trucks in Sweden, 176 or 88% more than a year earlier. Use of renewable biogas can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to fossil fuels. Gasum is optimistic about the development of the gas market both in the Nordics as a whole and in Sweden, especially with the EU’s decision to extend Sweden’s biogas tax exemption to 2030. 

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