Sucros sugar beet factory is replacing oil and coal with natural gas and biogas from Gasum to reduce emissions

Finnish sugar company Sucros Oy, part of Nordzucker AG, has decided to switch from using heavy fuel oil and coal to using liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) supplied by Gasum in its existing three boilers to significantly reduce emissions of the sugar beet factory in Säkylä. Promoting the circular economy, Gasum already receives wastewater sludge and biosludge from Sucros subsidiary Suomen Sokeri for use as raw materials in Gasum’s biogas plants.

The LNG and LBG supply agreement between Gasum and Sucros will commence during the autumn of 2022, when the terminal, which includes LNG storage tanks, a vaporizer, and industrial automation, is scheduled to start commercial operation. Gasum will procure and construct the terminal and LNG will be delivered by trailer from Gasum’s LNG terminal in Pori.

Promoting the circular economy, Gasum already receives wastewater sludge and biosludge as raw materials for biogas production from Sucros subsidiary Suomen Sokeri Oy. The biogas produced can then be used in industrial processes, for heat and power production in industry and homes, or as fuel for the maritime or road transport segments. Gasum’s plants in Turku, Lohja and Huittinen respectively will receive almost 3,000 tonnes of biogas material a year. This will be a major boost to both low-emission energy production in Finland and to implementing the circular economy.

Sucros Oy‘s sugar factory in Säkylä is the only sugar beet factory in Finland. Sucros Oy and its subsidiary Suomen Sokeri Oy are part of the Nordzucker Group, which is the second largest sugar company in Europe.

Gasum supplies LNG and LBG to help industrial operators to meet their emission standards

Switching to LNG from oil and coal means a complete elimination of SOx and particles, and a 38% reduction in CO2 emissions. Using renewable biogas can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared with fossil fuels. LNG can also be mixed with biogas to form a sustainable way to produce energy.

“The transition to more environmentally friendly energy sources plays an important part of Nordzucker’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and thus the climate impact of sugar production,” says Jussi Urponen, Head of Sucros Säkylä Site. “The Nordzucker Group has the ambitious GoGreen program, which includes significant investments in green technology solutions in the future. In addition, expenditures for support and replacement measures in Europe and Australia are planned.”

“We are of course delighted to help Sucros in reducing their emissions with a turnkey solution of this kind,” says Tommy Mattila, Vice President, Industry, at Gasum. “Switching from coal to gas will simply bring them many benefits in a cost-effective and secure way. Security of supply is increasingly important for our customers and as Gasum will be delivering the liquefied gas to the Säkylä factory from our terminal in nearby Pori. This will provide additional security of supply.”

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