The Supreme Administrative Court gives ruling on matter between Gasum and Finnish Energy Authority

On March 28, 2024, the Supreme Administrative Court has ruled on a matter between Gasum and the Finnish Energy Authority concerning unbundling obligations under the Natural Gas Market Act.

In July 2020, the Energy Authority submitted to the Market Court that a considerable penalty fee be imposed on Gasum Ltd for non-compliance with the unbundling obligations in conjunction with the company’s demerger. Gasum contested the Energy Authority’s claims in all respects and the matter was brought before the Market Court for a ruling. On November 7, 2022, the Market Court reversed the decisions issued by the Energy Authority concerning Gasum’s financial statements. In addition, the Market Court dismissed the Energy Authority’s proposal concerning a penalty fee. The Energy Authority appealed the matter to the Supreme Administrative Court.

By a decision given today, the Supreme Administrative Court has reversed the Market Court’s decision and returned the penalty fee proposal to the Market Court for reconsideration. The Supreme Administrative Court did not order Gasum a penalty fee. The decision is unfortunate, and we will review its content carefully.

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