LNG for maritime

A clean and cost-effective alternative, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is rapidly gaining ground in maritime transport.

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Efficient LNG deliveries and bunkering with our vessels

Today, nearly 600 vessels use LNG as their primary source of fuel and there are about 400 LNG vessels on order. This number is expected to rise significantly, as LNG is recognized by the shipping industry as the most viable alternative fuel to reduce emissions.

Our maritime customers can be effectively provided by ship-to-ship bunkerings from our vessels Coralius and Kairos. The solution lies in flexible, efficient and safe ship-to-ship (STS) bunkering of large volumes. STS bunkering is very flexible in terms of location, whether in port or at sea.

With our vessels we are also able to transport LNG directly to our industry customers throughout the Nordics and we support our local terminals for LNG storing before further land transportation by trucks or as natural gas by local pipe grids. The vessels Coral Energy and Coral EnergICE mainly focus on tranporting LNG to Gasums terminals.

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