Gasum LNG terminal in Nynäshamn

Brunnsviksholmsvägen 1
P.O.Box 64
SE-149 21 Nynäshamn

Anders Nilsson

Terminal Manager
Tel. +46 7222 07 949

Asbjørn Folvik

Environmental and energy contact
Tel. +47 475 09 062

Safety information

Please find here the safety information for Nynäshamn area.

Based on the decision by the Swedish Competition Authority Gasum offers terminal services from the Nynäshamn terminal to third party users.


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Gasum LNG terminal in Nynäshamn

The Gasum LNG terminal at Brunnviksholmen in Nynäshamn was the first of its kind in Sweden, and started operation March 2011. LNG is transported to the terminal by vessels from Norway or LNG terminals in northern Europe. Part of the terminal is opened for third party access from 2021.

The terminal supports the industry, shipping and traffic needs for LNG in the eastern parts of Sweden, a.o delivering natural gas to the Nynäs refinery and LNG to Gotlandsbolaget and Viking Line.


The terminal consists of:

  • A LNG storage tank (height 37 m)

  • A quay with vessel unloading facilities

  • Process equipment and two truck loading stations

The terminal's LNG storage capacity is 20,000 m3.