Pori LNG terminal rules

The Energy Authority has as of 27.10.2016 designated Gasum Oy as an operator of storage equipment and liquified natural gas processing equipment in the Pori LNG terminal as required by Section 8 of Chapter 6 of the Natural Gas Market Act (2013/589). With its decision of March 15, 2018, the Energy Authority has confirmed the Pori LNG Terminal Rules. The terminal is located in Pori at the Tahkoluoto oil and chemical harbour.

With its December 31, 2019 decision, the Energy Authority has approved these terminal rules regarding the right for using liquified natural gas processing equipment, with the exception of section 5.2.3 of the terms regarding the filling of fuel tanks of vessels using LNG and section 7.3.2 regarding the pricing for filling of fuel tanks of vessels using LNG.

Capacity reservation 

Reserved capacity grants the user rights to use the terminals services during the reserved period. The terminal operator allocates the available terminal capacity annually and according to reservation procedures. Capacity can also be allocated in addition to the annual capacity reservation procedure, if there is free capacity.

Storage capacity is reserved at minimum at annual basis and for the validity of the price list. The storage capacity unit is m3 and the minimum capacity reservation is 500 m3.

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