Joonas Juura: Planning, executing and stating functionality

Joonas Juura's ten-year-long career at biogas plants took him from school to summer jobs. Following the acquisition of a biogas plant, he took on the position of plant group manager.

At Gasum, I work as the manager of three biogas plants and the transshipment station in Vantaa. My job description includes, among other things, developing plants’ capacity utilization and safety planning together with my team. Supervisory duties, project management, and the opportunity to plan my own work keep my work diverse.

I am especially motivated by the fact that I get to work in a job that corresponds exactly with my education. I studied environmental biotechnology at Häme University of Applied Sciences, where my main focus was on biogas. My studies provided me with a lot of tools that I still use in my work to this day.

Learning didn’t end in the lecture hall, as the trainings provided by Gasum and the support of my supervisor has continued to strengthen my own professional skills. I can also count on Finland's three other plant group managers, with whom I meet weekly to go through the day's burning topics and exchange news together with our supervisor.

I joined Gasum through an acquisition of a biogas plant and I was made the plant group manager. This was part of an organizational change in connection with the acquisition, in which Finnish biogas plants were divided into plant groups. Throughout my career at Gasum, my job description has remained the same; only the biogas plants have changed.

It comes as a surprise to many that Gasum's business involves much more than natural gas like a lot of things related to circular economy. Fortunately, awareness of the potential of biogas is growing by leaps and bounds, and biogas-fueled cars, for example, are increasingly visible on the road. The more often people drive with cas cars and the logistics companies choose completely renewable fuel to fill up their tanks, the greater the positive impact it has on our environment.

Position: Manager, Biogas Plant Group
Education: Engineer, environmental biotechnology

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