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Gasum owns a nationwide network of biogas plants. Our local biogas plants provide services related to biodegradable waste processing, biogas production and production and distribution of recycled fertilizers.

Gasum’s objective is to actively develop the Nordic gas ecosystem.

In addition to Finland, Gasum has expanded its biogas production in Sweden and is the biggest producer of biogas in the Nordic countries.


Gasum continues to pledge its support to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Energy company Gasum promotes sustainable development and supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. Gasum renewed its commitment to the Finnish Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development and continues to expand the biogas market and increase the availability of cleaner road fuel gas.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to meet the urgent environmental, social and economic challenges facing our world. The global goals are ambitious, and participation of companies, among other actors such as governments and municipalities, is important. Sustainable business needs a society and an environment that are doing well. While improving social and economic wellbeing, we need to keep within the boundaries of our planet.

For Gasum, an important tool in the implementation of the SDGs is to participate in the Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development. This is a key instrument for implementing the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Finland. Within the framework, companies and other societal actors make operational commitments to doing their part in attaining the global goals.

Gasum contributes to the globally adopted SDGs with its low-emission energy products and circular economy solutions and helps its customers to make their business more sustainable.

In 2016, Gasum made its first commitment to the Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development and selected two goals:

1. Biogas: Expanding the biogas market to the terawatt-hours range by 2025.

2. Road transport: Investing in the development of the road fuel gas market by increasing the supply of road fuel gas significantly in the key demand areas in Finland by 2018.

The Company has made progress to achieve these goals. Since 2016, the biogas market has expanded. Gasum currently owns 13 biogas plants in Finland and Sweden and has biogas production capacity of 650 GWh in the Nordics. Gasum has invested in the efficient performance of the existing plants and in building new plants. Gasum also buys biogas from its partners. In 2016, the company set the objective of increasing the number of gas filling stations from the 2016 level of 18 stations to 34 in 2018. Today, Gasum has 33 stations in Finland and 6 in Sweden.

Gasum has renewed the transport goal and set action enabling further emission reductions in the transport sector

Company continues to participate in the Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development with following goals:

1. Biogas: Expanding the biogas market to the terawatt-hours range by 2025.

2. Road transport: Promoting awareness and availability of gas as a road fuel with a goal of 50,000 gas-powered vehicles on Finnish roads by 2030 in accordance with Finland’s National Energy and Climate Strategy for 2030.

Gasum invests in the development of the road fuel gas market by increasing the supply of gas significantly in the key demand areas in the Nordics. The company is constructing a network of 50 LNG (liquefied natural gas) filling stations to serve heavy-duty vehicles in Finland, Sweden and Norway by the beginning of 2020s. The investment will multiply the size of the Nordic heavy-duty vehicle filling station network, enabling considerable transport emission cuts.

In addition, the company will continue the construction of new stations serving light vehicles such as passenger cars, delivery vehicles, refuse vehicles and buses (CNG/CBG).

In line with its strategy, Gasum promotes sustainable development. Gasum has summarized six key corporate responsibility themes and related objectives. The company has defined the SDG goals that are relevant to the business and towards which the company contributes the most in its operations. For more information, see Gasum’s Corporate Responsibility Report.


More information:
Elina Saarivuori, Sustainability Manager, Gasum
Phone: +358 50 911 2668, forname.surname(a)

The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energymarket expert. Together with its partners, Gasum is building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea.

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Gasum receives investment grants from the Swedish Klimatklivet initiative for a new biogas plant and four filling stations

Gasum has received grants from the Swedish Climate Leap initiative (‘Klimatklivet’) for a planned new biogas plant and four new gas filling stations for heavy-duty vehicles. Gasum is aiming to reduce CO2-emissions in the road transport sector with liquefied biogas (LBG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). The new projects support the development of the Nordic gas ecosystem.

The new planned biogas plant supported by Klimatklivet will be located in Götene, Sweden. The approved grant for Gasum’s new plant is valued at EUR 15 million (SEK 158 million). Manure will be the main feedstock and the biogas produced at the plant will be used for LBG production. In addition, the plant will produce biofertilizers, which for the most partwill be organically certified. 

“The idea for the biogas plant was first initiated by the local farmers’ association Götene Biogas Ekonomisk Förening. It’s important for us at Gasum to further develop our presence in the agricultural sector, so we are looking forward to the cooperation. The Götene biogas plant project will strenghten our production capacity, create local jobs and contribute significantly to Gasum’s work to reach climate targets. We acknowledge the great importance of the Klimatklivet investment grant and thank the Swedish Environmental Agency for their foresight and professionalism,”says Erik Woode, Senior Manager of Business Development, Gasum Sweden.

Gasum is the leading supplier of biogas in the Nordic countries. Gasum operates 13 biogas plants in Sweden and Finland and is rapidly growing the biogas volume with new production and sourcing opportunities. All the biogas plants are run according to circular economy principles.

Four new gas filling stations for heavy-duty vehicles to strenghten the Nordic gas filling station network

The four new gas stations being built with the Klimatklivet grant will be located in Malmö, Halmstad and in eastern and western Gothenburg. The stations are planned to begin operating in 2020. The grant of EUR 3 million (SEK 32 million) was approved for the four new filling stations by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency under the Klimatklivet initative. The initiative supports climate investments to cut CO2-emissions in Sweden. The gas filling stations chosen for the grant are located in high-traffic areas. New stations in Sweden will be part of the gas filling station network which offers LBG and LNG for heavy-duty vehicles.

“Klimatklivet is essential in supporting our journey towards a carbon-neutral society. Without the grant, we wouldn’t be able to build these new stations in Sweden. People are becoming more aware of the benefits of gas in Sweden and now is the time to invest in clean energy solutions,” explains Mikael Antonsson, Director, Traffic, Gasum Sweden.  

The road transport sector plays a key role in reducing CO2-emissions. In order to reach the emission targets set by Sweden as well as the EU, changes in the transport sector need to be made now. The national target in Sweden is to reduce road transport emissions by 70% by 2030, as compared to 2010 levels. With the development of Gasum’s Nordic gas filling station network, more environmentally friendly options are becoming increasingly available and supporting the transition to cleaner road transport. With the use of LBG, CO2-emissions can be reduced by approximately 85% when compared with diesel, and by 20% with LNG.

For more information please contact:

Mikael Antonsson, Director Traffic Sweden, Gasum
Tel. +46 72 454 33 82, ​

Erik Woode, Senior Manager of Business Development, Gasum Sweden
+46 13 991 96 63,

The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energymarket expert. Together with its partners, Gasum is building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea.

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Gasum welcomes the Swedish Biogas market investigation proposals

The Biogas Market Investigation’s proposals that were submitted to the Swedish Government December 18, would ensure competitive conditions for biogas produced in Sweden and a growing demand for biogas. This is the assessment of the energy company Gasum, which owns a total of 13 biogas production plants in the Nordics.

Biogas producers in Sweden have long experienced a distorted competitive playing field compared to Denmark, where producers enjoy extensive production support. At the same time, growing amounts of biogas imported from Denmark have had positive effects since the use of biogas in Sweden has almost doubled to 3.7 TWh, which contributes to reducing climate and environmental emissions.

The investigation’s proposal to introduce a robust production support coupled with retaining the existing tax exemption on biogas would mean a more level playing field in relation to Denmark while enabling a growing demand for gas. Gasum therefore welcomes the proposals that the Biogas Market Investigation submitted to the Swedish Minister for Energy, Anders Ygeman, yesterday.

“If the proposals in the Biogas Market Investigation are implemented, we will be able to move ahead with our previously announced investments in Swedish biogas. We will both increase production in existing facilities, build new ones and invest in liquefaction units, which means larger volumes of liquefied gas for use in sectors where the climate and environmental benefits are the greatest,” says Marcus Hansson, Head of Public Affairs, Sweden and Norway, Gasum.

Gasum is both a gas producer and supplier. An increased use of gas is important to reach climate targets but also to reduce environmental and health-hazardous emissions – such as nitrogen oxides – which occur today in heavy-transport and shipping. Biogas can be made from a wide range of feedstock and is a very good example of the circular economy. Biogas production creates another product in the form of organic fertilizers, which is returned to farmers and replaces artificial fertilizers.

”Sweden has managed to reduce its climate emissions by an impressive 27% since 1990. But emissions remain high in heavy transport, the manufacturing industry and shipping where there are few alternatives – it is in these sectors that an increasing number of hauliers, industrial companies and shipping companies are now switching to gas. This is good news both for the climate and the environment,” says Marcus Hansson.

On the heavy-duty vehicle side, the interest in liquefied gas is particularly high since Volvo Trucks, Scania and Iveco have developed popular models. This is why Gasum is building a network of 50 filling stations across the Nordic region. Eight stations have already been opened in Sweden since the summer in Jönköping, Karlstad, Kristianstad, Mariestad, Norrköping, Västerås, Örebro and Östersund. After the turn of the year, stations will be opened in Umeå and Kalmar followed by Stockholm and Helsingborg.

For more information, please contact:

Marcus Hansson, Head of Public Affairs, Sweden and Norway, Gasum
Tel. +46 72 213 63 25, firstname.lastname(a)

The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energymarket expert. Together with its partners, Gasum is building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea.

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Gasum and Stora Enso set an example in circular economy with biogas plant at Nymölla mill

Gasum and Stora Enso have signed a contract to build a biogas plant at Stora Enso’s Nymölla paper mill in Sweden. The plant, built and operated by Gasum, will turn the mill’s waste water effluent into renewable energy, liquefied Biogas (LBG). The expected LBG production of the plant is 220 MWh per day. Start-up is expected during 2020.