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Ville Rahkonen

Development Manager, Natural Gas
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Gasum published press release about Natural Gas Market Act 12.5.2017

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The Ministry of  Economic Affairs and Employment published press release about Natural Gas Market Act 24.8.2017

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New rules to be drawn up for open gas market


Gasum organizes natural gas market reform by designing market rules with the customers, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Energy Authority, Baltic Connector Oy and other stakeholders. The Government’s proposal for Finland’s new Natural Gas Market Act was approved by the parliament in summer 2017. According to the act, the Finnish gas market will be opened up as of the beginning of 2020. Natural Gas Market rules are expected to be ready during 2018.

Preparation of gas market rules will be done in working groups with customers, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Energy Authority, Gasum, Baltic Connector Oy and other stakeholders.

Gasum organized an information event on the topic on May 15, 2017.  The aim of the work is to prepare national rules for Natural Gas Market, that  will enable a well-functioning, non-discriminatory and cost-effective national market.


Second information event was organized in 29th of November 2017 in Helsinki, Finland.