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Mervi Leskinen

Portfolio Manager
p. +358 50 571 3995

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Reduce your carbon footprint

It does not need to be difficult to make better choices and operate responsibly. As your partner, we will help you to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint. We will act as your expert in the Guarantees of Origin for electricity market and in emission allowances trading.

Renewable energy with Guarantees of Origin for electricity

It is easy to favor electricity produced from renewable energy sources. We can buy Guarantees of Origin (GOs), the certificates evidencing the origin of electricity, on your behalf. You can opt for electricity produced with renewables without changing your existing electricity contracts. 

When obtaining GOs, you can favor products such as Nordic hydropower or wind power. You can also obtain GOs with the EKOenergy ecolabel, which entitles you to use the international EKOenergy label in your communications.

We also provide services for electricity producers. When producing electricity from renewable energy sources, you can either utilize the GOs by yourself or sell them to the market. Our experts will help you with every step relating to being issued, using and selling GOs.

Our experts help you in emissions trading

As your partner, we will actively monitor the emission allowances market and political decision-making process. Our experts with assist you in emission allowances trading in accordance with your requests and, as our partner, you will always have access to up-to-date information about market changes.

Towards carbon neutrality – offset your emissions voluntarily

Trading in emission reduction units also takes place voluntarily outside the compliance-based emissions trading system. Voluntary offsetting enables enterprises to, for example, support emission reduction projects in less developed countries and at the same time offset emissions from their own activities. 

As your partner, we will find projects of specific interest to you and take care of trading in voluntary emission reductions (VERs) on your behalf. We always broker emission reduction units approved and supervised in compliance with well-known standards.