Kimmo Rahkamo Gasum

Kimmo Rahkamo

Vice President, Natural gas and LNG

Clean power for clean industry

Our generation grew up with the concept of having uninterruptable power in ever-growing volumes. We as consumers are deeply distracted by a power cut, but for industries even a very short power cut may cause huge losses in their production.

Most of us have not really bothered to think where our power comes from. Of course, we know that there are power plants here and there, but very few follow what is actually happening in the background.

Whenever there is a discussion of further electrifying our society, someone reminds us that we should be concerned about power production emissions. This is a valid comment, but there are two things to remember. Firstly, a good part of current power production is already carbon-emission free, such as hydro and nuclear, and secondly, wind power production is gaining ground and becoming significant.

New wind power projects are being developed on a market-driven basis without public subsidies. As production volumes have increased, equipment prices have fallen. Wind power is an excellent example of how public policies were used to help start the business – which can now be expanded without public money.

But the wind is not always blowing. What happens on a calm day? – We need power then as well.

– Kimmo Rahkamo, VP, Gas and Power Sales, Gasum

Acquiring wind power from different geographical areas mitigates the availability risk. It is always windy somewhere. But it is also true that wind power requires other power generation to complement it. Natural gas is a perfect option to fill the gaps in wind power production. Although gas is fossil-based, it reduces carbon emissions by 40% compared to coal.

Gasum is committed to cleaner energy. We have expanded our energy portfolio to power, and specifically clean power. Gasum has sources wind power by using long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) from wind farm developers, which enables us to sell emission-free power to our customers.

Writer is Vice President of Gas & Power Sales in Gasum


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